One Piece Finally Shows Off Yamato's Impressive Power

One Piece has finally shown some examples of Yamato's impressive power in the newest chapter of [...]

One Piece has finally shown some examples of Yamato's impressive power in the newest chapter of the manga. Ever since he was first introduced later in Wano Country's third act, Kaido's son Yamato has been one of the more curious additions to the series in the arc so far. Not only was it revealed that Yamato wanted nothing to do with his father's plans, but he seeks to join with Luffy's crew and leave Wano in the same way his idol Oden Kozuki once did. But now that he's taken a firm stand against his father's forces in the newest chapter, fans are seeing what this new fighter can really do.

A previous cliffhanger saw Yamato poising himself to take on Sasaki of the Tobi Roppo in order to defend Momonosuke and Shinobu, and the newest chapter of the series picks up right after this as Yamato is single-handedly taking on Sasaki's armored group of Beasts Pirates with some major demonstrations of strength.

Chapter 996 sees Yamato continue to defend Shinobu and Momonosuke. Shinobu's begging Yamato to forget her and escape with Momonosuke, but Yamato refuses as that's not something Oden would do. Yamato's taking damage, and with Sasaki's threat looming, a set of teeth begin to show themselves in his mouth. But before we can see what this results in, Franky enters the scene.

One Piece Yamato Power Narikabura Arrow Spoilers Manga
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Still being chased by the giant Hacha as seen in a previous chapter, Franky ends up giving them room to escape when he dodges a massive blow from the giant. Haccha instead strikes the floor and Yamato, Shinobu, and Momonosuke begin to fall through. Wanting to thank Franky for his help, Yamato vows to take out at least Haccha. He winds his club, and strikes Haccha with a "Narikabura Arrow" technique that takes out the giant in one swoop.

Yamato's vowing to protect Momonosuke knowing what he means for the future of Wano Country as a whole, but this has also put a major target on the back of the fan favorite new addition. This means Yamato's fights are far from over as his next opponent is likely not far away. But what do you think?

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