One Piece Cliffhanger Hypes Theory About Kaido's Defeat

There are not many people in One Piece who can hold a candle to Luffy, but there are some villains who can make the hero stop in his tracks. In the past, Big Mom stood as such a force before Luffy, but he managed to escape. And before he faces the Yonko once again, Luffy must face his most daunting foe yet thanks to Kaido. After all, the baddie is one of the most fearsome people on the Grand Line, but a new cliffhanger may point out a way to deplete his forces ASAP.

Recently, One Piece put out a new chapter, and it was there fans watched in shock as Tama made a big comeback. She arrived just in time to save Nami and Usopp from being taken out by Ulti, so her timing is impeccable. And with her on the scene, Kaido should fear for his fleet.

Let's be honest - Kaido is a powerhouse with or without his crew, but they do bolster his overall might. It will be hard enough for Luffy's gang to beat Kaido, but that challenge becomes much harder if all his goons are around. The Smilers and Sifters are as annoying as they are strong... but Tama has a certain sway over those people.

After all, the girl did eat a Devil Fruit at some point that gave her the ability to tame animals. If you have eaten a SMILE fruit, then you have become part animal at the minimum. That means all of Kaido's Gifters can be made loyal to Tama with a simple piece of dango, and Tama could pit the fighters against others in Kaido's army. The smilers would not stand a chance against the turned fleet, and you can bet the horde would occupy the Tobi Roppo long enough for the Straw Hats to finally reach Oden's Vassals on the roof. After all, that is where Kaido is, and Luffy wants in on that battle ASAP.


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