One Piece Teases Wano's Most Pressing Danger

One Piece is currently continuing the wild story of the War For Wano Arc, pitting the resistance fighters and the Straw Hat Pirates against Kaido and his Beast Pirates, and with so many battles taking place, it seems that a threat that falls outside both camps has become the biggest danger to the isolated nation. With some characters having already died as a result of this massive war, it seems that one villain's defeat has unleashed something terrible on the headquarters of the Beast Pirates and threatens to swallow all the parties involved in this battle of thousands.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of One Piece's manga, Chapter 1032, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into serious spoiler territory.

Kanjuro was a major character in One Piece's Wano Arc, originally painted as one of the vessels of Oden who followed the deceased Shogun until he betrayed his comrades in arms to the pint-sized tyrant known as Orochi. With the ability to create living paintings that can serve a variety of functions, mostly used for helping in defeating his enemies, the Kabuki-styled villain created his masterpiece that he unleashed on the land of Wano.

Kanjuro's masterpiece is a giant fire being that is slowly making its way to the basement of Onigashima, wherein the armory for the Beast Pirates lies, which houses untold scores of explosives that would not only destroy the headquarters but also the entirety of Wano Country to boot. With both the Straw Hats and Beast Pirates currently having their hands full with one another, the question now arises of who will be able to take down Kanjuro's painting and at what cost.

On the flip side, the war rages on as the latest installment focuses on Zoro taking on the Beast Pirate King, with the dinosaur-themed swashbuckler proving to be quite the challenge for the Straw Hats' resident swordsman. With Roronoa unleashing a newfound power in his sword, the tide might be continuing to turn in favor of Luffy's crew, but will they be able to survive Kanjuro's latest trap?

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