One Piece: Sanji's Life-or-Death Request Has Fans Really Nervous

One Piece is enjoying a break this week, giving fans of the manga time to think over its latest updates. For those keeping up with the series, all eyes are on Wano as the rebellion working to free the nation is embroiled in battle. From Luffy to Zoro and beyond, our top heroes are all fighting, but Sanji is drawing the most buzz after his life-or-death request.

And as you can imagine, One Piece fans are feeling rather worried about the fighter. Sanji is still recouping from all the trauma of Whole Cake Island, and his latest request of Zoro has fans pleading for his safety.

The whole thing began in chapter 1031 when One Piece continued Sanji's battle with Queen. As we expected, Kaido's righthand man isn't a pushover, and he has done some serious damage to Sanji in their short fight. The only way our chef might pull a victory is to use his Germa Suit, and Sanji is already beginning to display properties of his father's enhancements. At last, it seems those traits are ready to present themselves, but Sanji is not sold on their debut.

This is why Sanji took the wild step to ask Zoro for a favor. "After the finisher, if I'm not in my right mind, I want you to kill me," Sanji says. And given his expression, the chef is absolutely serious about this life-or-death request.

Zoro was certainly stunned by the request, and fans were right there with him. Sanji isn't a fatalistic guy, but his ordeal with Big Mom has made him a bit more practical. If the Germa Suit turns Sanji into anything resembling his father, he would rather die than live on in his footsteps. So now, One Piece fans are waiting with Zoro on needles to see how Sanji fares in his battle with Queen.

What do you think about Sanji's life-or-death decision? Do you think Zoro will have to confront his rival once the smoke clears...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.