One Piece Teases Nico Robin's Next Big Battle

One Piece has put the Straw Hat crew in a rough place in the manga, but fans know well enough the [...]

One Piece has put the Straw Hat crew in a rough place in the manga, but fans know well enough the team will be fine in the end. Kaido and Big Mom are huffing hard right now as they try to keep Wano under their control. Of course, Luffy and the rebels are set on freeing the isolated nation, and a new tease promises Nico Robin will enter the battlefield soon.

The update came in the most recent chapter of One Piece this week. The latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump took work into its own hands by putting pressure on Sanji. Black Maria promises she will torture the chef until he calls for Nico Robin, and her gang will capture the scholar before the day is over.


"I hold your life in the palm of my hand. Go on, call for Nico Robin. Speak to this girl here, and your voice will carry all throughout the castle. Then I'll set you free," Black Maria explains. "Those were the orders from Kaido."

Sanji is not too keen on the idea, and Black Maria says she will slowly mutilate Nico Robin before taking her nearly lifeless body to Kaido. "Only when we're done with her, however many years that takes, will we finally kill her so don't worry. She's got time."

The Tobi Roppo is all talk here as Sanji knows Nico Robin better than Kaido's crew could ever imagine. The chef simply warns the group of their foolishness, saying, "Underestimate Nico Robin at your own peril."

Of course, One Piece fans know that is the truth. Nico Robin may have seen much action as of late, but her previous battles show how dangerous she is. Black Maria is courting trouble by using Sanji to bait the scholar. And when Nico Robin does show up, Kaido's lackey will wish she had not provoked Nico Robin.

What do you expect to come from Nico Robin's arrival? Do you think the pirate is ready to layout Kaido's crew? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.