One Piece Reveals the Key to Saving Wano

One Piece is pushing ahead with its climax of the Wano Country arc, and things are looking really intense. Luffy and the Worst Generation are taking on two Yonko after Oden's samurai fell to the behemoths. Currently, the odds of victory are in favor of Kaido's crew, but it seems like those odds will not stand. After all, a newcomer promises to change the tides of battle, and they are going to take the Beasts Pirates by surprise.

The update went down in the most recent chapter of One Piece. The update began with a visit from Tama, and the girl has chosen to make her stand at Onigashima. The young girl believes she can help her friends win, and her unique dango power ensures she will.

One Piece Pirate King
(Photo: Shueisha)

With the help of Speed, the Beast Pirates are falling in line with Tama but not out of choice. The headliner has started giving out Tama's dango to her peers and the Sifters. This group makes up a sizable portion of Kaido's crew, and they are often the most powerful. And once they have eaten Tama's dango, they cannot help but follow her orders.

The manga shows this in practice when Tama directs a group of them to help Franky. Nami and Usopp are shocked by the turn as is the Tobi Roppo present. They quickly figure out this turncoat change is thanks to someone on Luffy's side, and they are correct. The responsible party is Tama, and her ability threatens most of Kaido's crew. The more beasts she coerces to her team means less manpower for Kaido. And if his numbers dwindle too low, Wano's rebellion will stand a chance in this war.


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