Here's Why One Piece Delayed Its Manga Last Minute

One Piece is a steady constant for manga fans, but the series took them for a loop this week when [...]


One Piece is a steady constant for manga fans, but the series took them for a loop this week when a last-minute delay was announced. Fans were quick to wonder what caused the sudden turn, and many turned their worry to creator Eiichiro Oda. Given the current coronavirus situation in Asia, some did wonder if Oda's schedule had been altered by the illness, but they do not have to worry anymore.

As it turns out, Oda has caught a lil' bug, and he will be back to writing before long. A brand-new report from Japan has surfaced regarding the manga's delay, and it wants One Piece fans to know they can rest easy.

The piece hit up social media not too long ago thanks to users like WSJ_Manga. A brief post was made concerning the delay of One Piece in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, and it says the chapter got postponed after Oda got sick.

Currently, the manga is set to return on March 8 after this last-minute break, so fans can wait just a bit before they peek the release. One Piece fans are plenty eager to see what goes down in the chapter, and that is all thanks to the manga's latest tease. This week, the series brought Kozuki Oden's flashback to an end, so the next chapter promises to return to present-day Wano. Oden's surviving vassals are ready to die fighting for their home's freedom, and Oda has teased their upcoming battle will be an epic one for the books.

In the wake of the delay, fans are starting to predict what will go down in the next chapter, and they are doing the same for the anime. One Piece is also on a TV delay for not one but two weeks. The show's time slot is being overtaking by a nationally televised sports event once March starts, but One Piece will set sail with new episodes before too-too long.

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