One Piece Gets Special New Twitter Emoji

One Piece is ready to push ahead with one of its most-anticipated arcs in the anime. Currently, the Wano Country saga is thriving as the show has prepared fans for an epic clash between Kaido and the rebels. In order to give our heroes more time to prepare, a special flashback arc has just kicked off on TV, and it is celebrating with a special One Piece gift on Twitter.

If you want to celebrate the legacy of Kozuki Oden, it just became way easier to do online. Twitter has made an emoji for the fallen hero, and you only have to tweet out a simple phrase to make it work. Of course, the text is in Japanese which you can find below:


When this phrase is copied and pasted into a tweet, the message will post with a little image of Oden. The man is shown in all of his name glory with thick brows and a white-and-purple wrap around his shoulders. At this point, this Oden emoji is the only one operating for One Piece, so the rightful shogun can feel special.

And honestly? Oden does deserve to feel special. The hero is one of the most mysterious figures to come out of Wano to date. Though he died decades ago, Oden is revered as a man and myth by his people. Luffy has seen how influential Oden was firsthand, and Momo hopes to live up to his father's massive shoes. Now, fans will soon learn more about Oden thanks to a flashback arc, and this One Piece emoji is the perfect way to show your excitement for the interlude.

What do you make of this special Twitter gift? Which other Wano heroes deserve this treatment? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.