One Piece Reveals Momonosuke's Dire Predicament

Now that the war over Wano has officially kicked off with One Piece, the latest chapter has put [...]

Now that the war over Wano has officially kicked off with One Piece, the latest chapter has put Momonosuke Oden in a dire predicament as he's put in the crosshairs of Shogun Orochi and Kaido's Beasts Pirates. The previous chapter saw a confident Orochi discover from the traitor Kanjuro that his plan to stop the rebel forces by bombing all of their ships had failed, and thus now sets to make an example out of Momonosuke to stop the rebellion completely. But seeing his plan in action is another thing altogether with the latest chapter of the series.

After teasing that he would crucify Momonosuke after finding out that the Akazaya Nine had not only survived for 20 years after he thought he defeated them, but that they're also now on Onigashima, Orochi has further bloodied and beaten the young Momonosuke and has tied him up in front of the currently partying Beasts Pirates.

Chapter 983 of the series continues the party scene at the skull dome at the center of Onigashima, and Momonosuke has been chained to a large wooden "X" in very much the same way Yasuie was before his brutal execution. And just like Yasuie, Orochi is doing this to ridicule the Kozuki Clan first and foremost more so than the actual execution.

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Displaying the beaten Momonosuke before the partying Beasts Pirates, Orochi informs the forces that this is indeed the same child that had escaped from them 20 years ago. It's here that he was about to announce what his true plans for Momonosuke are, but has yet to do so as the rest of the chapter explores more of the exploding chaos around Wano at the same time.

Momonosuke first agreed to be kidnapped by Kanjuro without a fight as a way to help his samurai vassals, and although this was a brave move from the young lord he was still very much hoping he would be saved by Luffy and the others before too long. This also might be a tough predicament for him to be in, but at least he's at display at a place that is easily found. Getting to him and actually rescuing him from Orochi's clutches will be another major issue however.

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