One Piece Gives a Brutal Update on Momonosuke

One Piece is building up to one of its biggest battles to date, but the manga has a ways to go [...]

One Piece is building up to one of its biggest battles to date, but the manga has a ways to go before the Wano vs Rebel showdown takes place. To start, Monkey D. Luffy has promised to rescue a certain heir after the rebels lost sight of Momonosuke. The youngest Kozuki heir has been taken captive by the enemies as they hope to snuff out the bloodline before Orochi can be overthrown, and One Piece fans were given a rather brutal update on the boy.

The check-in happened in chapter 982 which went live in Shonen Jump recently. The chapter saw Kanjuro reunite with Orochi after acting as the man's spy for years. It was there Kanjuro showed his master Momonosuke, and the spy worked the boy over after an escape attempt went awry.

"He cut his ropes and attempted to escape along the way, so I had to pacify him! Don't worry, the boy still breathes," Kanjuro said.

one piece manga 982

As fans can see, Momonosuke is pretty beat up, and you have to feel sorry for the boy. Even Kaido and Black Maria are stunned by how badly the boy was beaten by Kanjuro. On the other hand, Orochi is pleased to see the kid bloodied and bruised. He is content to left Momonosuke suffer until he learns the rebels are on the island fighting to take the boy back. The revelation prompts Orochi to order a hasty crucifixion of Momonosuke. But now that Luffy is one the island, there is no doubt the Straw Hat captain will save the boy before any more harm is done to him.

Of course, there is still a chance that Momonosuke will escape on his own. The boy promised he would live up to his father's legacy and free himself from Orochi's men. Oden was a terror in battle, but his youngest child is anything but fierce. One Piece fans are hoping Momonosuke finds it within himself to escape and show Orochi how alive the Kozuki legacy is to this day.

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