One Piece Shares Orochi's Dark Plans for Momonosuke

One Piece fans know how tense the Wano Country arc has been, and much of that has come from Orochi and Kaido. The two villains have kept a vice grip on the island nation for decades, but the rebels are eager to put the Kozuki clan back on the throne. Of course, Luffy and a slew of pirates have promised to help make that happen, but Orochi's dark plans for the Kozuki heir will force them to move up their timetable.

After all, it turns out that Orochi is ready to give Momonosuke a similar punishment he passed to Yasuie. The old man was crucified before the public before Orochi ran his sword through the old man. It turns out the current Shogun wants to give Momonosuke a similar treatment as the crazed leader order a crucifix to be built on stage for all to see.

"That's right... I mustn't forget this is the enemy's leader," Orochi reminded himself before ordering the execution in a recent chapter.

one piece luffy orochi

"Arrange a crucifixion stand on the stage. I will kill the last surviving Kozuki here and bring their history to its miserable end!!! And then this whole ordeal is behind me!"


As you can imagine, the dark plans are hard for fans to swallow, and the fact that Momonosuke is a child makes it all the worse. Kaido came under fire from fans when he threatened the young boy earlier, but Orochi has taken things to the next level. One Piece fans are plenty confident that Kin'emon or Luffy will save the Kozuki heir before his life is taken. But until then, you can rest assured that Orochi is the most hated man in all of Wano.

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