One Piece Mega-Fan Reveals His Son's Response to Having an Otaku Dad

The blockbuster anime hit of One Piece has been one of the top franchises in the medium for [...]

The blockbuster anime hit of One Piece has been one of the top franchises in the medium for decades and with the story currently following one of its most popular arc in Wano, there's no better time to jump right in and one "mega-fan" has shared the reaction of his son to his ever growing collection of Straw Hat memorabilia. The series created by Eiichiro Oda has more merchandise than nearly any other anime franchise in the world today, so if someone is looking to fill a room with models and figurines of the Straw Hat Pirates, they can do so many times over!

The One Piece fan, Take World 12, isn't simply unique due to his collection of One Piece figures, but rather, because he works on making individual sets for them all. Stacked high in a room in his house, Take's son was asked as to what he thought of his father's hobby regarding the number recreations of the Straw Hat Pirates. When his son was asked if he was embarrassed to "have people know that your dad is an otaku", Take's offspring responded that when "his dad gets to be this big of an otaku, it starts being something you can brag about, doesn't it?" Well said!

Take World 12 shares his models created for his varying One Piece figures via his official Twitter and Instagram Accounts, with a few examples of both seen below that pose both the heroes and villains of One Piece in action set pieces as well as everything else in between:

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