One Piece to Replace Editor Shortly

One Piece's manga is currently telling the tale of the isolated nation of Wano, a country [...]

One Piece's manga is currently telling the tale of the isolated nation of Wano, a country separated from the rest of the world thanks to the diabolical rules of both the Shogun Orochi and the ruthless swashbuckler Kaido and his Beast Pirates, but it seems as if the printed story will feature an upcoming change outside of the story itself with one of the editor's leaving the popular franchise. Eiichiro Oda has been working on the manga for decades since the late 90s, working with a number of editors for the Shonen series that clawed its way to one of the top sports of the publication.

One Piece is close to hitting 1000 chapters of its manga, showing just how long the franchise has been around, with Eiichiro Oda sticking to nearly a weekly schedule throughout the entire time. Takano Kane has been an editor for the popular pirate anime manga for just around one year, which makes the departure all the more surprising. While a reason hasn't been given as to why Kane is leaving the beloved series, there are still other editors that are working with Oda on creating the weekly story of the Grand Line and the Straw Hat Pirates!

Twitter User JoyBoyTheories shared the translated news that Takano Kane would be leaving the stable of editors that make up the quartet of those who make sure that Eiichiro Oda's manga is put out on a regular schedule, meeting the high standard of the series that has been established week after week:

The anime series, as most know, was delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, which was a similar hurdle that the manga had to overcome but not anywhere near as long. With the anime series returning later this month, both the anime and the manga are currently covering the Wano Country Arc as Luffy and his band of swashbucklers attempt to liberate the downtrodden people.

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