'One Piece' Fan-Art Reimagines Robin & Nami's Curvaceous Bods

Artists have been studying the human form for centuries, but some anime series tend to ignore the [...]

Artists have been studying the human form for centuries, but some anime series tend to ignore the rules of anatomy. Shonen is not the only demographic to give its heroines exaggerated bodies, but One Piece tends to get flack for its takes on Robin and Nami. So, one fan decided to give the Straw Hat heroes a makeover.

If you check out Reddit, you can find two reimaginings of Robin and Nami by user /JoyLuds. As you can see below, both of the pieces flesh out the pirates' waists and round out their cartoonish bodies with muscular details. And, if you check out the comments, you will discover how controversial the touch-ups are with fans.

For Robin, her makeover is a simple on. The before image shows the girl with an extremely small waistline and arms. The after image balances out Robin's massive breasts with a wider midsection, and the heroine even gets defined facial features. Robin goes from having almost no nose to a detailed one, and her eyes are also given a glossy makeover.

Nami but with a less exaggerated waist and no hydrocephalus. from OnePiece
Robin but she has a ribcage. from OnePiece

As for Nami, the heroine's before image is a far cry from how she looked pre-timeskip. The girl has a very narrow waist, and her head appears to be too big up top. The redone artwork defines Nami's midsection with abdominal muscles, and her head is shaved down to highlight her revamped facial features.

The fan-art has certainly sparked a conversation amongst One Piece fans as you can see in their comments. Nearly 200 fans have given their thoughts about the artwork, and many of them are in favor of the redone artwork. Eiichiro Oda's manga is one that favors over-exaggerated imagery, but anime fans have complained for awhile now that Toei Animation takes its artwork too far.

Still, there are others who are willing to defend Nami and Robin's anime looks. The two are not the only characters with exaggerated features. After all, you only need to see Franky's broad shoulders or Roronoa Zoro's abs to realize their bodies are pretty unrealistic to boot.

If you are not familiar with One Piece, then you can join the k-pop sensations by joining the show's fandom. The series debuted under Eiichiro Oda more than two decades ago, and it has become one of Japan's most popular franchises ever. The story follows a boy named Monkey D. Luffy as the young pirate seeks to become the King of the Pirate by finding the One Piece. The hero creates a loyal crew he dubs the Straw Hat Pirates, and the team have undergone dozens of harrowing, swashbuckling missions since.

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