Netlix's One Piece Will Feature One of Nami's Best Outfits

Netflix's One Piece has released a new BTS photo highlighting a familiar outfit in Nami's closet.

One Piece has been around the block for years now, and it has become a global phenomenon. With record-breaking sales under its belt, the One Piece manga can do little wrong, and its Straw Hat crew reigns supreme over the industry. Soon, the team will embark on a new journey as One Piece will drop its first live-action adaptation this month, and a new set photo proves Nami will don one of her best looks in the show.

Not long ago, Netflix posted a behind-the-scenes photo from the One Piece set, and it was there fans got to see a few Straw Hat legends. The picture documents the first time stars such as Mackenyu were on set in character. The photo also caught Emily Rudd's first day as Nami, and her design should look very familiar to fans. .

How so? Well, just take a look at her outfit. Rudd is wearing a pair of mismatched pants with orange-white leggings and a white tank. With her short ginger hair in tow, this take on Nami is gorgeous, and it reflects an outfit series creator Eiichiro Oda made decades ago. This outfit dates back to Nami's original character design for Romance Dawn, after all.

If you did not know, Nami was not always the Cat Burglar we've come to adore. When Oda was first crafting One Piece, he originally saw Nami as a battle axe-wielding cyborg with steampunk boots. The edgy design was simplified as One Piece came into its own, but this original piece of concept art still reigns over the fandom. Now, it seems Netflix's One Piece is bringing this beloved outfit to life, and Rudd proves Nami can body this look any day of the week.

If you are excited for One Piece to drop, the Netflix adaptation will premiere at the end of August 2023. Until then, you can catch up on the hit series through its manga or anime. One Piece can be read on the Shonen Jump app while Crunchyroll carries its anime with up-to-date episodes.

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