Netflix's One Piece Surfaces Online with Alleged Script Details

One Piece has had a big 12 months, and things are only going to get even crazier for Eiichiro [...]

One Piece has had a big 12 months, and things are only going to get even crazier for Eiichiro Oda's swashbuckling story. It was confirmed a couple of years back that One Piece was eyeing a Hollywood live-action adaptation. Netflix has since owned up to housing the TV show, and some alleged script details from Netflix's series have surfaced online.

The information comes from Bounding Into Comics with the site stating its details came from an unknown source. The info, which was dated from last June, is all under the episode title "Romance Dawn" which references the first iteration of Oda's story. The one-shot predates the actual One Piece serial that fans still read today, but this episode's pilot will add elements of both stories.

"The episode opens on Loguetown and follows a young Smoker as he pushes through the crowds on the day of Gol D. Roger's execution, mirroring the anime-only scene which showed the same," Bounding Into Comics writes.

"Rather than let Roger's execution be facilitated solely by faceless Marine soldiers, Marine Fleet Admiral Kong and his eventual successor Sengoku are given prominent roles in the day's events, including directly ordering Roger's immediate death, most likely as a creative decision to provide the audience with more traditional framing devices."

As the details go on, the pilot seems more focused on Foosha Village and the great Monkey D. Luffy. The One Piece script says it will focus on the boy as he comes into contact with the Red-Haired Pirates before moving forward in time to when Luffy first meets Roronoa Zoro.

If these details line up, fans will be hard pressed to find fault in the show. The show is making some darker changes to One Piece to suit an older audience, but these newly surfaced details put lots of focus on humor. And if Netflix can get that balance just right, fans will be ready to give this adaptation a chance.

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