Pokemon and One Piece Open Backlogs for Free to Fans Quarantined by Coronavirus

During this time of quarantine thanks to the Coronavirus, the publishers behind the popular series of Pokemon and One Piece are allowing fans to read through a number of earlier chapters of the franchises' manga series, and anime, for free! Specifically, the first 299 episodes of Pokemon's anime will be made available for fans to view via Amazon Japan and the first 594 chapters of One Piece will be made available in Japan thanks in part to the Shonen Jump App, allowing fans to revisit the earliest adventures of both Monkey D. Luffy and Ash Ketchum on their individual journeys to become the greatest in their fields!

One Piece first began running in 1999 thanks to the talent of Eiichiro Oda, with hundreds of chapters under its belt thanks to its titanic rise in popularity over the years. As Monkey D. Luffy has assembled a crew of odd protagonists for the Straw Hat Pirates gang, he has continued his quest to become the "king of the pirates" and find the treasure that was hidden by Gol D. Roger, the titular "One Piece". The series is currently running through the Wano Country Arc in both its manga and anime, considered by many fans to be the greatest chapters of the franchise to date.

Pokemon, of course, is one of the most popular franchises in the world today period. Following the adventures of Ash Ketchum and his trusty Pikachu as they attempt to push the young pocket monster trainer to become the greatest in the world, the current season has given Ash brand new challenges as well as insanely powerful Pokemon to add to his roster. The series has been running for decades, following the eternally young trainer in the anime, and various other trainers in its video games and manga installments.

The Coronavirus has been affecting the world at large, and the world of anime has been no different. Numerous anime series have been delayed, along with events associated with anime being delayed or cancelled outright, such as Anime Japan which was slated to take place later this month. It is fantastic to see companies and people rally to offer those quarantined with options to pass the time and we hope to see even more outpouring in the days to come.


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Via SoraNews24

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