One Piece Shows How Far Zoro Will Go to Save Chopper

One Piece's newest chapter shows just how far Zoro will go to save Chopper. Now that the war for Wano is underway, the chaos at Onigashima continues as Luffy and the other Straw Hats are doing their best to try and make it to the roof of the skull dome to fight Kaido. Zoro's been struggling in his own way, but Chopper has had a much worse time as he not only has been infected with Queen's deadly new plague but he's trying to get the antibodies to heal everyone else who has been hit by it.

Following the cliffhanger which saw Scratchmen Apoo running away with the antidote to Queen's new plague weapon as part of a sick new game, Chopper has had trouble chasing down the Worst Generation member. Thankfully Zoro ends up in the same area and is able to quickly strike down Apoo and save Chopper.

Chapter 997 of the series sees Zoro struggling to get to the roof of Onigashima's skull dome, and he sees a chaotic scene around him. Not only seeing Chopper hit by this icy plague, but he also sees several of the ice giants that have been created by it. Hearing them all yell out for Apoo, he quickly takes notice of the situation as a whole.

One Piece Zoro Saves Chopper Queen Plague Spoilers Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

With X Drake pinning Apoo down nearby, Zoro deals one quick strike to Apoo that cuts off his hand completely and the antidote flips through the air and falls in Zoro's hand. Giving the antidote to Chopper, he confirms with the doctor that Chopper will be able to handle this floor. Following Chopper's confirmation that he's already figured out how this disease works, Zoro turns his attention toward Queen.


Striking to the side of Queen and saving Chopper from Queen's attack, he yells abut how he's there to cut down Kaido and to stop wasting time on Queen's games. But as the chapter continues, it seems Zoro will now be gearing up to fight either Queen or King in order to make his way to the top of the dome. Seeing Zoro put so much trust in Chopper shows how far they have come together, and this quick save shows how that trust goes both ways.

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