One Piece Reveals Queen's Most Horrific Attack Yet

One Piece is fresh off a break, and fans were happy to see the series return to print as of late. [...]

One Piece is fresh off a break, and fans were happy to see the series return to print as of late. As you can imagine, readers were running thin on patience given how intense the Wano Country arc has become, and it seems their manners were rewarded. An awaited revelation was made about Queen which gives us a better idea of how insanely deadly the pirate is.

The update came in the most recent release from One Piece, and Kaido did not disappoint. After a brief introduction, fans jumped into chapter 993 by checking in on Queen. The baddie was last seen threatening to kill X Drake. And while the baddie doesn't manage to do so this chapter, he does ax a whole lot of people.

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In fact, he does so with the debut of his deadliest attack yet. Fans were given a firsthand look at Queen's special bullets awhile back, but they are back and more dangerous than ever. In the hopes of killing X Drake, Queen chose to unleash a hail of Plague Bullets across the battlefield.

"This is the shining jewel of my Plague Rounds, Ice Oni," the revealed.

According to the pirate, these bullets turn whoever they hit into frigid demons. So not only are they killed, but their bodies are taken over by a demonic force. You can see why this weapon is so feared by everyone on the battlefield, and they take out a fair few allies as well as villains. Of course, Queen is simply happy to see his invention working regardless of the victims, and there is no telling what other ammunition the beast has up his sleeves. The villain has his reputation for a reason, and the rest of the Straw Hats will learn that the hard way before long.

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