One Piece Creator Says COVID Might Extend the Manga's Lifetime

One Piece's Eiichiro Oda has been working on his swashbuckling epic for decades, and in recent interviews, the mangaka had stated that the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates will wrap over the next give years, but it seems as if COVID-19 will change the trajectory of this original statement. In a recent interview, Oda not only hinted at the fact that his original prediction of his series ending might be doubled from five years to ten, he hinted that one of the pirates who walked aboard the Straw Hats' Thousand Sunny might be meeting their end!

Currently in One Piece, the Straw Hat Pirates are facing down the biggest threat that they've ever encountered in Kaido and his Beast Pirates, as Luffy and company are attempting to open up the borders of the isolated nation of Wano. With nearly every swashbuckler introduced in One Piece's recent history making their presence known in this war that is spilling into the countryside, it's clear that the world of the Grand Line will never be the same and fans can't wait to see how the story continues to ramp up the stakes as it preps for the final adventure of the crew of the Thousand Sunny.

Twitter User Ranobe Sugoi shared a brief summary of a recent interview that Eiichiro Oda has with Fuji TV, not only going into detail about how a crew member of the Straw Hat Pirates might be close to meeting their end, but how the coronavirus pandemic might have ultimately doubled the life span of his series:

Many anime franchises were hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, with many manga chapters and anime episodes having to be delayed as a result of COVID-19, though a good number of them have been able to spring back to their feet. One Piece itself has had to delay its story telling in a few ways, but both the television and print stories of the Straw Hat Pirates have been hitting their regular schedule recently.

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