One-Punch Man Artist Drops Epic Cover Art with Chapter 139 Release

The future of One-Punch Man's anime is still up in the air, with no word of the return of Saitama [...]

The future of One-Punch Man's anime is still up in the air, with no word of the return of Saitama and the Hero Association to the small screen, but the manga has been continuing strong in the heroes war against the monsters threatening the surface world as one of the main artists has shared a look at the next cover of the popular story. Though season two was not as well-received as the first, considering the change from the animation studio of Madhouse to JC Staff, fans are still left wondering as to when we'll see the One-Punch Man return to the world of anime!

Without going too deeply into spoiler territory, Saitama is still looking for opponents that would actually present him with a challenge, as now enemy, whether they be human, alien, or monster has been able to stand up against his attacks. In the latest chapter of the manga, we've witnessed a monumental team-up between the heroes of the Hero Association, battling against one of the most devastating attacks that have been unleashed by the Monster Association to date. Needless to say, regardless of who animates a potential season three, there are plenty of insane battles to bring to life from the latest chapters of the popular franchise!

One-Punch Man Artist, Yusuke Murata, posted the cover image for the one hundred and thirty-ninth chapter of the manga, leaving us with even more questions as to where the storyline of the printed arc is set to advance considering what we've seen so far in the deadly battle between heroes and monsters:

One-Punch Man is hilarious in the fact that it has a story that many believe would not work, as Saitama cannot seemingly be defeated by anyone that he comes into contact with, but this leverages the hilariousness of the franchise, and still manages to give us some insane battles with the "hero for fun" and the other heroes that populate the world.

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