One-Punch Man Season 2 Has Arrived on Hulu

One-Punch Man has been out of the headlines for awhile, but fans who have yet to catch up on the anime can do so now. It has taken some time, but the show's second season has gone live at last on Hulu. The series is available for users to watch in North America, and we suggest you get to binging.

Currently, there are two seasons available of One-Punch Man with the first also being available on Hulu. The first season got started back in October 2015 under the oversight of Madhouse. It took several years for season two to go live, and the latest release has been met with some controversy.

One-Punch Man Cosplay Fem Saitama
(Photo: Madhouse)

After all, season two was overseen by the team at J.C. Staff after lots of confusion. Madhouse was unable to take on the project, and with One-Punch Man being overseen by a new studio, much of its original creative team was lost. The director of season one was chiefly amongst them, and well - season two did not fare well amidst the loss. The latest season was panned by critics who abhorred its animation (or lack thereof) while fans bemoaned the show's drop in quality.

At this point, there is no word on whether One-Punch Man will get a second season. It all depends on numbers and success, but a third season is difficult to predict should J.C. Staff stay in control. In the wake of season two's finale, fans have gone on to call for MAPPA to take over the anime should the studio's schedule allow. So if you want to see what all the fuss is about for yourself, Hulu has got you covered!

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