'One Punch Man' Artist Draws Touching Bulma Tribute

For anime fans, many are still in mourning after Hiromi Tsuru tragically passing last week. The [...]

For anime fans, many are still in mourning after Hiromi Tsuru tragically passing last week. The 57-year-old actress was pronounced dead several days ago after she was found unresponsive, and the news has sent the entire fandom into mourning. Some of the industry's biggest stars are now paying tribute to Tsuru and her iconic role as Bulma, and Yusuke Murata is the latest to share his love for the actress.

Over on Twitter, Murata took to social media to respond to Tsuru's unexpected passing. The One Punch Man illustrator penned a sketch of Bulma, and fans cannot help but tear up over the homage.

The artist said he would miss seeing Tsuru's Bulma in the coming years, and his throwback sketch has got fans feeling nostalgic. Murata sketched Bulma as she appeared in the original Dragon Ball anime, and her ponytail looks adorable with its accompanied ribbon. The Capsule Corp heiress is also seen wearing her iconic 'BULMA' pullover, and she is also holding a very precious Dragon Ball in her hand.

If you aren't familiar with Murata or his work as an artist, then you should know the One Punch Man illustrator is a massive fan of Dragon Ball. Murata has said before that Akira Toriyama is one of his biggest influences when it comes to art. Not only does Murata and his children keep up with the series, but the artist has penned sketches of his favorite Dragon Ball characters over the years. Heroes like Goku and Vegeta have all been penned by Murata, and Bulma has sadly joined the list in light of one tragic reason.

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