One-Punch Man Director Gives Behind the Scenes Look at Season 2 Finale

The season two finale of One-Punch Man showed us one of the biggest battles between Saitama and [...]

The season two finale of One-Punch Man showed us one of the biggest battles between Saitama and the Monster Association, with the "Hero For Fun" unleashing one of his trademark blows against a larger than life centipede creature and the director behind the series has recently gone into detail about how the final episode of the latest season was made. Chikashi Kubota is the main animation director for One-Punch Man's anime, as well as the character designer, showing off his chops when it came to animation with many other anime series having been on his resume.

Chikashi Kubota, as mentioned above, has a long history within the world of anime, having previously worked as an animation director for the likes of One Piece, Gurren Lagann, and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Using his previous work to ascend the ladder of the world of anime, it was no surprise to see him being added to the roster of creators that are bringing Saitama and his fellow crime fighters within the Hero Association to life within the second season of One-Punch Man. Though many didn't feel that the second season of the anime from JC Staff was able to live up to the first that was produced by the animation studio of Madhouse, it still had a number of moments that were legendary within the world of anime.

Chikashi Kubota shared this hilarious behind the scenes look into the finale of One-Punch Man's second season which saw Saitama and the Hero Association battling against the Monster Association and the "hero killer" known as Garou who wishes to be a monster himself:

Kubota noted "I couldn't just drop the last episode, which was just last minute, so I asked everyone, "Be sure to finish the work of the final episode before starting the manuscript!" Memories that I submitted while losing consciousness."

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