One-Punch Man Shows-Off Powerful Genos Fusion

One-Punch Man debuted a powerful Genos fusion with the newest chapter of the series! The fight [...]

One-Punch Man debuted a powerful Genos fusion with the newest chapter of the series! The fight against Psykos continues with the latest chapter of the series as her fusion with Monster King Orochi's body has resulted in the strongest and most monstrous foe in the series to date. Genos has been doing his best to keep up with her psychic abilities, and even Tatsumaki has been struggling to put the finishing touches on this massive battle. The two of them have been working together as a result, and the previous chapter brought Drive Knight into the fight as well.

One-Punch Man Chapter 136 continues the fight with Psykos as Tatsumaki has roused herself back awake. The three of them have teamed up against the powerful foe, and Drive Knight and Genos decide to take their teamwork to the next level by combining their cores and bodies with one another in order to make the most of their limited remaining energy -- Tactical Combination Dragon King.

With Drive Knight running low on energy, he poses that he and Genos should fuse their cores with one another. Genos agress and soon his body is modified by all of Drive Knight's extras. The two of them are then strong enough to fight off against Psykos' bag of tricks, but there's a major time limit being placed on this fusion as Genos' core could explode at any moment.

One Punch Man Genos Drive Knight Tactical Combination Dragon King
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It's still not enough to put Psykos down completely, but thankfully the remaining S-Class Heroes are around to help for a major tag team attack. This begins with Tanktop Master tossing a building, Atomic Samurai slicing his way through it and landing a surprise cut, Puri-Puri Prisoner then hits her with a Dark Angel Rush, Superalloy Darkshine then lands a powerful kick while Bang and Bomb strike the body.

Psykos seems to escape before the heroes land all of these attacks, so it remains to be seen whether or not Genos and Drive Knight's fusion or the S-Class heroes' team attacks were enough to finally put down this powerful monster for good. But what do you think?

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