Will One-Punch Man Season 3 Really Be Made by Studio MAPPA?

There is one thing One-Punch Man fans want, and that is a redemption arc. If you will remember back in the day, the anime was one of the industry's biggest when it debuted, and season one blew netizens away with its spot-on animation. It was almost unthinkable for season two to flop, but sadly, One-Punch Man failed to live up to expectations. Now, season three is on the horizon, and a new rumor has fans buzzing over whether anime's studio darling might be overseeing Saitama's return.

The whole thing cropped up this week when popular anime 'leakers' such as ShonenLeaks put netizens on the trail. Posts began cropping up about One-Punch Man season three and its ties to Studio MAPPA. If these rumors are right, then it seems the company will be overseeing season three, and fans are desperate to know if that is the truth.

MAPPA Takes Over the World

Unfortunately, the rumors are nothing more than that right now. Studio MAPPA has not said anything about One-Punch Man joining its catalog, and the manga's creators have kept quiet to boot. When season three was announced, no one at J.C. Staff shared the news, so the fate of One-Punch Man is up in the air. But as you can imagine, fans have been begging MAPPA to assume control of Saitama's anime for a while.

Following season two's lackluster animation, One-Punch Man needs to win back fans, and season three could do so easily so long as its sakuga lives up to expectations. After all, season three will feature some wild fights involving Garou, so the series cannot afford to slack off. When it comes to all-star animation, few studios have the reputation MAPPA has given its work on Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man. But while the company could surely do Saitama justice, there is something to be said about overloading.

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If you did not know, MAPPA has become an 'it' studio in Japan, and its global fanbase doubles by the day. After taking on The God of High School, the company rocketed to stardom given its work on everything from Dorohedoro to Attack on Titan season four. With two more hits on the dock, MAPPA has already signed on to animate Hell's Paradise, Vinland Saga, and more. There is no doubt the team there is busy, and One-Punch Man season three would be a tall order to add.

For now, fans will have to wait and see how One-Punch Man handles its new season, but rumors about its move to MAPPA are growing by the day. Hopefully, the anime will have an official update for netizens before long. And if we are lucky, Saitama might make his comeback in the next year or two.

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