One-Punch Man Meets the Teen Titans with a Tatsumaki x Raven Swap

The franchises of One-Punch Man and Teen Titans may both feature super heroes, but they are far [...]

The franchises of One-Punch Man and Teen Titans may both feature super heroes, but they are far more different than they are the same, but that didn't stop one fan from taking two characters from each series and swapping their clothes as Raven and "Tornado of Terror" take a page from one another. With both characters being represented as the "psychic heroes" of their respective franchise, both Tatsumaki and Raven have a lot in common, using their powers to help citizens in their respective worlds by averting disasters and battling against super villains from time to time.

Tatsumaki is easily one of the strongest heroes within Hero Association, currently filling the number two spot below the mysterious hero known as Blast, the "Tornado of Terror" is a hot headed hero that is essentially thought of as the current strongest hero in the roster of the world today, with Blast mostly sticking to the shadows. Of course, we all know that Saitama is far and away the strongest hero in the world today, unable to find a threat that is able to survive even one of his punches, though the public is still unaware of this. While Tatsumaki and the One-Punch Man have yet to tussle, we would imagine that the result would be the same as so many other times with Saitama coming out the victor!

Reddit Fan Artist BatSticks shared this amazing outfit swap that shows off what these two psychic based super heroes would look like if they were to spend a day in the other's shoes, literally, with Tatsumaki and Raven not missing a beat rocking their new aesthetics:

Raven and Tatsumaki with swapped outfits by @ RunningPigeon73 from r/OnePunchMan

While a third season for One-Punch Man has yet to be confirmed, Raven continues to make appearances in the Cartoon Network series of Teen Titans GO! which takes a decidedly more humorous take on the group of young heroes than previous incarnations. We doubt we'll ever see an official crossover between these two properties, but we've seen weirder things in the world of anime and comic book adaptations, especially when it comes to One-Punch Man and Teen Titans!

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