One-Punch Man Cosplay Shows Off Leather Bound Do-S

One-Punch Man has had its fair share of insane heroes and villains that have either fought against [...]

One-Punch Man has had its fair share of insane heroes and villains that have either fought against Saitama the One-Punch Man or stood by his side, but perhaps none are as striking as the member of the Monster Association named Do-S that is bound in leather and one cosplayer has certainly done a good job of bringing the scantily clad villainess to life! Though Do-S is hardly a major player within the Monster Association, or within the character roster of One-Punch Man as a whole, she remains one of the most recognizable within the anime franchise for obvious reasons!

The second season of One-Punch Man's anime might not have been as well received as the first, with it changing hands from Madhouse to JC Staff, but the animation studio certainly did a fine job of introducing a number of the new antagonists that were troubling the world of heroes. Do-S herself had the unique ability to take over the minds of anyone that she hit with her whip, and her mask that she wore as part of her outfit hid her monstrous appearance that proved she had earned her place among the terrifying monsters of the underworld.

Instagram Cosplayer Cauzifer shared this amazing interpretation of the One-Punch Man villain who made a brief appearance in the second season of the anime, proving to be one of the deadlier members of the Monster Association who were attempting to take over the surface world:

A third season for One-Punch Man has yet to be confirmed, with either Madhouse or JC Staff at the helm, though we would have to imagine that based on the popularity of the series, it's only a matter of time until we revisit the world of Saitama, the hero for fun!

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