One-Punch Man Art Imagines Saitama's Toughest (and Funniest) Foe Yet

One-Punch Man is the strongest hero in the world, and he is painfully aware of that fact. All [...]

One-Punch Man is the strongest hero in the world, and he is painfully aware of that fact. All Saitama wants is to find a villain that actually challenges him, but no one has lived up to that mark. However, it seems one fan has come up with a foe who might be able to best Saitama in a fight. And if you had a cell phone way back in the day, you might have wrestled with the baddie once yourself.

The artwork comes from user ZERUMARUART who decided to pen their own fan-comic of the manga. After thinking about the perfect villain to fight Saitama, the artist felt it would be fitting to have Saitama battle none other than the Nokia 3310. You know, the phone that is known for being indestructible.

The One-Punch Man fan-comic shows Saitama looking rather beat up as he faces his most durable foe to date. "Never thought I'd meet someone sturdy enough to survive the Super Punch," the hero admits.

Saitama vs Nokia 3310 from r/OnePunchMan

Of course, the Nokia phone does not care. The artist drew the iconic phone in all its bulky glory, and its anthropomorphic design is all sorts of horrifying. As you can see, the Nokia baddie isn't injured by any of Saitama's attacks so far, and that speaks to its insane strength.

Of course, anyone who had one of these phones back in the day can testify to its strength. There are plenty of videos online of people abusing the old Nokias for the fun of it. Whether they are taken into a blender or thrown at a wall, these cell phones are hard to break, but it is not impossible. There is no doubt Saitama could take the phone apart if he hit it hard enough, but it would certainly be a challenge for the One-Punch Man star.

Do you think Saitama can best this old-school foe? Or will Nokia end up defeating the world's strongest hero? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!