One-Punch Man Artist Celebrates New Chapter with Sizzling Sketch

One-Punch Man is all about Saitama, but fans of the series have fallen hard for a certain pair of [...]

One-Punch Man is all about Saitama, but fans of the series have fallen hard for a certain pair of sisters. ONE and Yusuke Murata did not know what they were doing when they were drafting out its heroines, but they struck gold with these two. Fubuki and Tatsumaki remain some of the top-ranked characters in One-Punch Man as far as fans are concerned, and that is why that manga artist decided to honor the pair with a special sketch.

Taking to Twitter, Murata got fans buzzing when he gifted them with a post. The One-Punch Man artist wanted to make amends as the manga's most recent chapter was delayed a hair from this weekend. The best way the artist could apologize with the chapter's release today was with a piece of art, and he delivered with a look at the Hero Association's top siblings.

As you can see below, Fubuki is in the front of this sketch which gives thee younger sibling thee chance to shine. The hero may be ranked as a Class B fighter below Tatsumaki, but that doesn't mean Tatsumaki is any less foreboding. The heroine is known by her alias Blizzard of Hell, and her psychic powers are enough to give most any villain reason to pause.

Of course, Tatsumaki has to be discussed given her rank within the Hero Association. She is considered to be one of its most powerful as she holds the status of S-Class Rank 2. It was Tatsumaki who helped train Fubuki as an esper even unwillingly at times, and the older sister's deadpanned attitude makes is hard to say no to her. That is, unless you are Saitama and happen to fear no one or nothing. Stuff like that happens when you can KO a villain with a single punch.

Of course, this One-Punch Man sketch does the Psychic Sisters justice, and fans are glad to see them resurface on social media. The fandom would be hard-pressed to turn down any sketch gifted by Murata, but this special treat has earned thanks from thousands of fans already.

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