Pacific Rim Director Really Planned for a Godzilla Crossover

In a matter of weeks, the world will be treated to the return of Godzilla as the monster plans to [...]

In a matter of weeks, the world will be treated to the return of Godzilla as the monster plans to hit up HBO Max with Kong in March. The big release has fans hyped as many are revisiting some of the best kaiju flicks out there. Of course, that means Pacific Rim has resurfaced amongst netizens, and it turns out the film's trilogy was meant to tie in with the King of the Monsters by the end!

The update comes from Steven DeKnight himself. The man oversaw Pacific Rim: Uprising several years back, and he felt up to answering fan questions on Twitter recently. It was there a fan asked if Pacific Rim would float a crossover with Godzilla vs Kong, and DeKnight said that had been his plan all along.

"That was actually my long term plan. PR3 was structured to end in a way that married the two universes," the director shared.

Of course, things did not work out like that. Pacific Rim stalled out in theaters with its sequel after mixed reviews jostled fans. The franchise still lives on in print, and Netflix is putting out an anime adaptation of Pacific Rim next month. Still, a third blockbuster movie has never been ordered, so the trilogy did not get the chance to meet Godzilla.

This is all assuming Toho would have okayed the big crossover. Godzilla is no stranger to crossovers, but the studio behind the kaiju would have had to sign off on the idea. DeKnight even touted this as an obstacle as he stressed this crossover plan was a personal one without any formal backing. Now, fans will only be able to imagine how this story would have gone. Godzilla and Kong would have fun fighting some Jaegers, but the trio would work even better together against Earth's next monstrous threat.

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