Pokemon Poster Imagines Adult Ash's Debut in the Anime

Pokemon has been around for decades now, and we're not just talking about its games. The series' anime has been around just as long as Red and Blue, after all. Ash Ketchum can be counted as one of Pokemon's best trainers thanks to his reputation and how long he's been on the scene. Of course, fans are curious whether that role will change following Ash's big win in Pokemon Journeys, and a piece of fan-art has gone viral for imagining the shift.

After all, there is really one thing Pokemon could do to show how much Ash has evolved. It has been over twenty years since the anime debuted, and to be honest, the best next step for Ash is to grow up a bit.

As you can see below, Twitter user Liam (@Lhzur) got fans worked up online with their take on Ash's adult design. In the piece, the trainer has left his tween self behind, and he is most definitely pushing late teens here. With Lokix at hand, the older trainer seems to be in the midst of a battle here, and Ash is still recognizable despite the loss of some baby fat.

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Of course, fans were quick to share this piece of art, and the piece blew up with hundreds of thousands of likes. In fact, this piece in particular spurred rumors Pokemon was really considering aging Ash in its next series. At this time, we have no info on where the anime will take Ash now that Gen 9 is here, but netizens remain hopeful for a time skip. And if the skip leaves Ash looking like this, it's safe to say fans will happy.

After all, longtime fans have been watching Ash for decades, and it feels like the time for him to age has come. Shonen series like to keep their protagonists young, but even hits like One Piece and Naruto have embraced time skips. Ash has been a young boy for decades now, and after winning the Pokemon World Championships, it seems now is a good time to let the trainer age. But for now, there is no telling what Pokemon has in store for Ash and his eternal youth. 

Do you think it is time for Pokemon to age up Ash? Or does the character need to stay as he has? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.