Pokemon: Ash's Final Season Shares First Synopsis

After decades spent becoming the very best, Ash Ketchum is ready to move on. Earlier this year, fans learned the Pokemon legend is on the cusp of retirement, and they will bow out of their anime midway through 2023. Now, we have been given a little peek at Ash's final season, and we can thank its first synopsis for the heads up.

The update comes courtesy of TV Guide in Japan as a new synopsis was added to Pokemon over the holidays. It is there fans found the first synopsis for Aim to Be A Pokemon Master, the final season of Ash's adventure. According to the update, the series premiere will be titled "Winds of Beginning! The Endless Road", and it will feature some familiar faces asides from Ash.

Want to know more? You can check out the full synopsis below:

"Ash and Pikachu continue their adventure in whichever direction the wind blows and interact with wild Pokemon along their way. Team Rocket are close behind and still plotting to steal Pikachu. As Ash and Pikachu spend their days on an endless adventure, in a certain forest, they encounter the injured Legendary Pokemon Latias!"

What's Next for Ash?

As you can see, this new episode will follow Ash and Pikachu as always as they venture without any companions on hand. Well, that is so long as you do not include Team Rocket. The trio is just as eager to kidnap Pikachu as ever, and they have more reason to than before. After all, the Pokemon helped Ash become the world's top trainer, but that means Pikachu won't be going anywhere quietly without his partner.

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The episode will also bring Ash face to face with a Legendary we have seen before. The trainer is set to reunite with Latias, and the poor creature will be injured in this big premiere. Of course, fans are hoping Ash and Latias will recall one another as the anime has paired them together a few times. So if you want to see how this reunion shakes out, it will be going live in Japan just after the new year!

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