Brock Might Finally Get a Girlfriend in 'Pokemon' Anime

The Pokemon franchise's most eligible bachelor might finally find love.Earlier today, the Pokemon [...]

The Pokemon franchise's most eligible bachelor might finally find love.

Earlier today, the Pokemon Company released a new trailer for Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon's upcoming arc, which features Brock and Misty visiting Ash in the Alola region. The arc is an informal sequel to Ash's trip back to the Kanto region in 2017, which also featured Misty and Brock in prominent roles.

While Pokemon fans are overjoyed to see Ash reunited with his oldest friends, some noticed that Brock might finally have success with a girl, something that has alluded him since the Pokemon anime began over 20 years ago. In the trailer, Brock is seen romancing Olivia, the Kahuna of Akala Island and a fellow Rock-Type trainer. Surprisingly, Olivia is shown blushing at Brock's advances, signalling that there might be a mutual interest between the pair.

Brock has been a self-proclaimed ladies' man since the first season of the Pokemon anime, although he rarely has success chasing after girls. While we've seen a few "trainers of the day" take interest in Brock, most of his potential paramours reject him almost immediately.

Unfortunately, the trailer also shows Misty pulling Brock away from Olivia by the ear, signalling that the pair's relationship hasn't changed much since they stopped traveling with Ash. As Brock often makes grandiose promises to beautiful women, it's usually left up to Misty (or his Pokemon Croagunk) to forcibly drag him away.

We also see Olivia and Brock use their respective Z-Move and Mega Evolution abilities in battle, so it's possible that their relationship could be forged on the battlefield.

Brock and Misty will appear in a two-part arc that begins on December 23rd and ends on January 6th. The episodes air on Sunday in Japan. Dubbed versions of the episodes appear on Disney XD a few months later.