Pokemon Journeys Hypes The Big Return Of Butch and Cassidy

Pokemon may be keeping its eyes on its next big game, but anime fans are playing double duty with their shifting focus. Sure, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is looking like it will be a huge hit, but Pokemon Journeys is off doing its own ambitious work. Not long ago, we learned the series was preparing to bring back two familiar faces from the past. And now, we have gotten a new poster honoring Cassidy and Butch's return.  

It was announced a few days back that Pokemon was ready to revisit Butch and Cassidy at last. The duo will bring a new side of Team Rocket to Pokemon Journeys when their special episode goes live. Of course, Jesse and James will have lots to say about the comeback, but their rivals are living their best lives with a new poster.

As you can see above, the visual was released to hype up the Team Rocket return. Butch is shown standing to the right in his usual outfit while Cassidy poses to his side. Her long hair is pulled back into twin tails, and as always, the vixen is rocking some white-red thigh-high boots.

"In episode 95, fans will be reunited with Cassidy and Butch who first appeared in the 1998 anime," The Pokemon Company shared with the new poster. "Cassidy, one of Team Rocket's elite agents. Butch, a man whose name is always mistaken. Please look forward [to their return]."

Clearly, Pokemon Journeys is game for this comeback, and fans are eager to see how this team has been doing. Butch and Cassidy were familiar faces in the original seasons of Pokemon, and they had a short cameo in Pokemon the Series: Black and White. After a few years on hiatus, the duo is back in action, and there is no telling how their reunion with Jesse and James will go.

What do you think about this new Pokemon Journeys tease? Are you excited to see Butch and Cassidy return to TV? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.