Pokemon Teases Butch and Cassidy's Return in New Promo

With a new game on the horizon, there is no doubt that Pokemon is busy these days, but its console titles aren't the only thing crowding the schedule. The anime has a lot on its plate as well, and it seems a pair of familiar faces are ready to make their small-screen return. After all, Team Rocket is gunning for a new look, and that means two of Jesse's rivals are about to hit Pokemon Journeys.

The update came not long ago as Pokemon Journeys put forth its latest episode. It was there fans were shown a promo next week's big release because it will star Butch and Cassidy. The rival Team Rocket pair are ready to call up their friends, but will Jesse and James be happy about their interruption?

As you can see above, the Pokemon promo shows Butch having a lively argument with Jesse and Mouth while Cassidy chills with James. It seems the group has been separated with each member having to pair with a rival. So while Butch and Jesse travel on their own, James and Cassidy must do the same if they want to meet up with their actual partners anytime soon.

So far, there is little known about this big return, but Pokemon fans are excited if not just because Butch and Cassidy have been MIA for ages. The pair last appeared in Pokemon the Series: Diamond and Pearl. The pair were seen trying to steal a Hippowdon and even fought with one of Jesse and James' mech suits. Now, the foursome is getting back together, and there is no telling what kind of mayhem will come from the reunion.

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