Pokemon and Halloween Collide Thanks to One Mutant Pumpkin

Pokemon knows a thing or two about scary monsters, and that makes the franchise a go-to for [...]

Pokemon knows a thing or two about scary monsters, and that makes the franchise a go-to for Halloween nerds. Sure, none of the monsters are as overtly terrifying as Michael Myers, but some of their origin stories come close. Over the years, Pokemon has embraced its Halloween reputation with official merchandise, but one fan found a unique way to tie in the franchise with the decor.

And how did that happen? Well, all it took was a bit of paint and a mutant pumpkin. Over on Reddit, the user DoughCos shared a photo of their most recent Halloween pumpkin, and it turns out the weird gourd was made for Weezing lovers.

Found this weird double pumpkin and had to do it. from r/pokemon

You can check out the DIY project above as DoughCos painted the mutated pumpkin in the best possible way. The conjoined pumpkin features a large body that nearly centered with its stem, but there is a tiny gourd growing just above it. Obviously, this shape is perfect for Weezing, so the Pokemon fan decided to paint their pumpkin appropriately.

All it took was some purple paint and ingenuity to make this one-of-a-kind decor. The spot-on paint job is pretty much impossible to overlook. Weezing looks great with his halved eyes and drooping mouth. The user even added some purple bumps around Weezing to complete his look, so we give this Pokemon project two thumbs up.

If you cannot find a pumpkin like this for your own Weezing, there are other Pokemon goodies for sale in honor of Halloween. The Pokemon Center's online store has miniature haunted houses, costume accessories, and Halloween plushes all for sale right now.

Do you celebrate any of the holidays with Pokemon? Which other monsters are begging for a Halloween pumpkin? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.