Pokemon Proves Poke Balls Really Hurt With New Viral Toys

When it comes to Pokemon, there are more toys out there than fans can count. The franchise has put out tons of goodies in the past few decades, after all. From high-end figures to plushes, Pokemon has done it all, and gacha games have welcomed even more merchandise. And now, one fan artist has taken Pokemon a step further with a viral set of toys.

If you head over to Twitter, you can find the pitch courtesy of user okihasA. The artist loves to work with mixed media, and polymer sculptures are certainly a specialty. That is why they put their skills to use in the name of Pokemon. The artist came up with a concept for new gacha toys, and their creations are collectibles fans would gladly pay for.

As you can see above, the mascot dolls are downright cute, and they are just a few inches in size. Obviously, they are colorful enough for any fan to enjoy, but the set is going viral thanks to its concept. After all, the set imagines what would happen if a trainer threw a Poke Ball too hard at their partner. And honestly? The result is pretty much hilarious.

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In this fan-made set, you can find Pokemon such as Jigglypuff and Rowlett getting obliterated by Poke Balls. Others like Spheal and Magnemite are in the group. And since this is a gacha set, there is a rare pull courtesy of Ditto and a Master Ball. Obliviously, this cute set proves that catching 'em all is important, and fans are desperate for these toys to become licensed collectibles.

Sadly, these toys are just fan-made, so you should not expect to find any in gacha machines in town. However, there are other Pokemon toys out there to collect. The IP has gone hand in hand with gacha for years. So if you want to nab some goodies, we're sure you can find some Pokemon treasures somewhere nearby. 

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