Google Celebrates Pokemon's Anniversary with Surprising Data Report

If you did not know, this week marks a big one for Pokemon. The franchise is about to celebrate [...]

If you did not know, this week marks a big one for Pokemon. The franchise is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary, so there is a lot going on behind-the-scenes with the brand. Of course, the anniversary will be here in less than a day now, so fans around the world are geeking out. And as it turns out, Google Trends is nerding out with us.

In fact, Google decided to give Pokemon fans a breakdown of the franchise and its online history. The search engine's trend tracker has put out a comprehensive report detailing some surprising facts about Pokemon fans and their queries. So if you are a Poke Nerd, you better pay attention.

The report begins with a breakdown of the most-searched Pokemon by year, and the top performers may surprise you. Between 2006 and 2013, Celebi was the most-searched monster in the United States before Pikachu took first place in 2014. Eevee also huge up in the top charts for years with Charizard, Mew, and Mewtwo.

As for the United States as a whole, Pikachu dominates in almost every state. Since 2004, Pikachu has been the most-searched pocket monster except for in Maryland. As it turns out, the state has searched Celebi more so in the last 17 years.

The entire report, which can be found here, has even more data goodies for fans. Since 2004, Google Trends says the most-asked question regarding the franchise is about the total number of Pokemon. Japan marks the number one country in terms of total search volume, but Peru and Chile are close on the list. And when it comes to peaks, the biggest period of Pokemon searches took place in July 2016 when Pokemon Go was first released.

Clearly, Pokemon has enjoyed a varied life online, and the franchise plans to continue wowing fans for years to come. It won't be long before fans find out what is next for the franchise, so here's to the next 25 years of catching 'em all!

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