Pokemon Cosplay Prepares For Trouble With Team Rocket

With Ash Ketchum and Pikachu leaving the Pokemon anime, so too are Jesse, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket also departing the anime adaptation for parts unknown. With the latest season of the series, Pokemon: Aim To Be A Pokemon Master, we witnessed the nefarious trio seemingly disbanding and taking up jobs as cafeteria workers. Luckily, the series gave the Pokemon villains one last moment to shine as cosplayers continue to bring the anime characters to the real world. It's time to blast off again for the final time.

In the last episode of the latest season, Team Rocket once again attempted to steal Pikachu before Ash's main Pokemon joined his trainer for unknown adventures. While many anime viewers believed that Jesse, James, and Meowth wouldn't return following their disbandment earlier in the season, Team Rocket made a vow that they would follow Ash Ketchum forever for the chance to steal his Pokemon. In the final moments of the episode, we see Ash and Pikachu taking a fork in the road as the nefarious trio follows behind them in one of their patented hot air balloons. At present, it has yet to be confirmed when, if ever, we'll see the Pokemon villains return.

It's Time For Trouble

Team Rocket first appeared in the second-ever episode of the Pokemon anime series. While they might not have made their presence known in each installment of the series that has run over one thousand episodes to date, they've certainly made their presence known in a good percentage of them. Regardless of who takes the mantle of Pokemon's new villains, they'll have some big shoes to fill.

While not yet confirmed, all signs are pointing to the new characters known as the Explorers set to be the anime adaptation's new villains in Pokemon Horizons. Liko and Roy's adventure will begin next month and it seems as though the mysterious group isn't aiming to collect their Pokemon but rather is aiming to capture the mysterious items that the pair are carrying with them. If the Explorers are the new villains on the block, it will be interesting to see how they differ from Jesse, James, and Meowth. 

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