Team Rocket Blasts Off With This Exclusive Pokemon Apparel Collection


Team Rocket may have left the Pokemon anime after a 26 year run, but Jesse and James are still going strong in retirement thanks to Zavvi, who have released an exclusive Team Rocket apparel collection. These classic Pokemon villains are featured on a pair of Akedo high tops, t-shirts, a hoodie, a hat, and a duffle bag – mostly with minimalist designs in red, black, and grey. 

The Team Rocket sneakers and apparel are available to order here at Zavvi now priced between $19.99 and $64.99 with free shipping using the code CBPOKEMON at checkout.  Note that the limited edition Team Rocket Box contains the shirt, hoodie, and cap pictured below. 

See the Team Rocket Pokemon Collection at Zavvi

Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master brought Team Rocket's time to a close with an emotional high. The team was reunited with their old Pokemon and all was well before a little tiff sent the group their separate ways. It is hard to believe Pokemon will let Team Rocket end things on this sour note, so fans are hoping the pair will show up in another project someday soon. You can keep up with Pokemon's farewell to Ash in Japan as the trainer will say goodbye to fans on March 24th. As for the anime, Pokemon Journeys is still being dubbed in English, and no word has been given on when Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master will stream stateside.