This Pokemon Cosplay Nails Jessie's Flashy Look

Pokemon fans, it is time to prepare for trouble so do so on the double! In the last year, Team [...]

Pokemon fans, it is time to prepare for trouble so do so on the double! In the last year, Team Rocket has been coming up in headlines thanks to their part in projects from Pokemon Go to the anime. The comeuppance of Jessie and James has been a fun thing for fans to see, so the duo's role in the franchise is growing. Of course, that means fans are showering the Team Rocket pair with all sorts of tribute, and one Pokemon fan decided to celebrate Jessie with what appears to be her best cosplay to date!

The job comes courtesy of kinpatsucosplay on Instagram. The user has been a cosplay champion for followers around the world, and they began their adaptation process for Jessie recently. As you can imagine, the look took quite some time to pull together given all its pieces, but the cosplay was well worth the effort.

Over on social media, kinpatsucosplay shared their final take on Jessie which you can find above. "Prepare for trouble , and make it double!! JESSIE FROM POKEMON IS HERE," the cosplayer shared.

"Finally the moment you have all been waiting for - to see if I can actually put the wig on my head! AND I DID AND IT IS INSANE," the caption continues. "We really hope you guys like how this costume turned out!! please let us know what you think!!!"

As you can see here, the wig for Jessie was a total endeavor to take on. It involved custom dying, 3D modeling, and hot glue to start. But as you can see, the end result was worth all of the patience. Jessie looks as if she were pulled from the Pokemon anime here. Every piece of this Team Rocket look is on point, so we give kudos to kinpatsucosplay for their handwork. And if you want to tackle this cosplay for yourself, the cosplayer has made their custom patterns available online!

What do you make of this impressive Pokemon cosplay? Which Pokemon trainer would you ever consider cosplaying? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.