Pokemon/Dragon Ball Fusion Creates Powerful New Trainer

Dragon Ball and Pokemon are two of the biggest anime franchises that have yet to cross over into one another's universes, though this shouldn't come as much of a surprise considering the different stories that the Z-Fighters and the trainers are pre-occupied with. This fact however hasn't stopped fan artists from taking the opportunity to fuse the two series with one another, as a new star of Scarlet and Violet has fused with one of the most popular Z-Fighters around.   

Nemona, the character that is featured in this new fan art that fuses the two anime worlds, is the new rival to the player of the Nintendo Switch games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. While she has yet to make an appearance in the anime, it definitely wouldn't come as a surprise to see her eventually arrive in the anime adaptation when Pokemon Journeys comes to an end. Though a new season might be on the horizon, creative minds behind the series have confirmed that Ash Ketchum will remain a part of the television series despite the fact that he was finally able to achieve his dream of becoming the Pokemon World Champion thanks to his victory against Leon in the Masters 8 Tournament. 

Dragon Ball P

Twitter Fan Artist took the opportunity to fuse Goku and Nemona into one, creating a very powerful trainer who might not have any need for her Pokemon allies if she can rely on Super Saiyan transformations like the Saiyan race can do in the Dragon Ball series:

2022 didn't just see Pokemon crown a new world champion, but it also saw the release of the new Dragon Ball film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which took the opportunity to switch the script by focusing on Gohan and Piccolo rather than Goku and Vegeta. With Dragon Ball Super's manga also bringing to an end the Granolah The Survivor Arc this year, this year's Jump Festa is sure to drop some major details regarding the future of the Z-Fighters.

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