Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Blu-ray Shares New Take on Beast Gohan

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero made its way to theaters this year, and the movie has put Gohan on the map. Following his big win against Cell years ago, the Saiyan has kept to himself, and he's spent the last few years with his family. Of course, the anime's latest movie put that all in jeopardy as Gohan's daughter was pushed into a Red Ribbon Army scheme. Gohan was able to win his daughter back with help from a new transformation, and we have just been given a new look at his Beast form!

As you can see below, the artwork comes courtesy of Toei Animation and its Blu-ray for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The film just hit shelves in Japan, and fans were quick to break open the cases to get at its extras. As promised, the Blu-ray bundle came with all-new concept art, and Beast Gohan was included in those sheets.

Of course, you can see something interesting in this shot. When we saw Beast Gohan in the movies, the form was all done with CG animation, but that is not the case here. The design's concept art was done by hand at first. So if you want to know what Beast Gohan would look like without the CG shine, your time has come!

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The form looks epic on this sheet, and honestly, fans admit they like this take on Gohan better than the one in the movie. While Dragon Ball Super did an excellent job with its CG animation, netizens universally prefer the anime's 2D aesthetic. So if the anime revives this form one day, we hope it is done in this flat style.

Obviously, this design wasn't the only one shown to Dragon Ball fans. The Blu-ray included artwork of Orange Piccolo and Cell Max to start. At this time, we have no word on when Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will hit home video stateside, but it will hopefully go live soon. So for now, stay tuned to ComicBook for every update on the movie's Blu-ray launch.

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