Dragon Ball Super Fans Spot Kakarot Easter Egg in 'Super Hero'

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero may not be on home video just yet, but that isn't stopping its secrets from going live. After all, any movie worth its salt reveals new details upon a rewatch, and Dragon Ball did give fans a new way to experience the feature this month. It wasn't long ago the movie's manga went live, and it was there fans spotted a Dragon Ball Z Kakarot easter egg that's been hiding in plain sight.

The discovery made the rounds online after Twitter user DBSChronicles noted the little detail. After checking out the manga of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, it was hard to miss one of Magenta's little references. As it turns out, he's using a screenshot from Dragon Ball's newest game when telling others about Frieza's history.

Kakarot Rising

As you can see above, the screenshot was captured in the movie and the manga, so Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is making the rounds. The game's still is easier to make out in the manga, of course, and you can see it includes Future Trunks as well as Mecha Frieza. The pair are joined by King Cold amidst a cutscene from Kakarot. So rather than animate the still from scratch, the team at Toei Animation decided to borrow from Dragon Ball's latest console title.

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The easter egg is definitely a blink-and-miss one, but it shows some details about the production of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero we'd miss otherwise. Honestly, it is just interesting to see how the team borrowed from Kakarot rather than spend time unnecessarily animating a quick shot. And once Dragon Ball's new movie hits Blu-ray, you can bet fans are going to comb it for more details like this one. 

Did you catch this Kakarot nod in Dragon Ball Super? Or have you not yet caught up on the anime? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.