Pokemon Artwork Imagines An Electrifying Moltres

Pokemon has already dove head first into the world of live action with Detective Pikachu, with the [...]

Pokemon has already dove head first into the world of live action with Detective Pikachu, with the computer generated retelling of the first animated movie, Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, releasing soon into theaters as well. While both these films are giving fans what they want with numerous Pokemon appearances, neither focus on one of the three legendary bird Pokemon of Kanto, Moltres. One fan decided to put their own spin on the legendary Pokemon by changing it from a flaming bird of prey to an electric one.

Deviant Artist Abz Art created an interpretation of Moltres that takes to the skies with a current of electricity streaming from beneath its wings. The artist, recently featured with us thanks to his re-design of Pikachu as a dragon type Pokemon, has focused on creating numerous new types of Pokemon that fans have yet to see appear either in the anime, manga, or live action movie. While the flying pocket monster has always been linked to the flame, the new design incorporates electricity seamlessly with the original take.

Moltres Fan Art
(Photo: Abz Art)

As mentioned earlier, Moltres is one of the three legendary birds of Kanto, with his biggest appearance being in the second animated Pokemon movie: Pokemon 2000 (or Pokemon: The Power Of One). Along with the two other bird Pokemon, Articuno and Zapdos, the movie saw a villain in the form of Lawrence The Third attempt to capture them all by seizing the fourth and most powerful legendary type, Lugia. With the help of Ash and Pikachu, the plan to capture the birds was averted and Moltres returned to its original home along with the rest.

Moltres has of course made numerous appearances in the video games themselves, as well as in the anime series to boot. When the "flame of Moltres" was nearly stolen by Team Rocket in an episode of titled "All Fired Up", which saw the bird Pokemon defeating them to save it. The Legendary Pokemon then returned in a later episode to fight two other Team Rocket mainstays, Butch and Cassidy, where the antagonists attempted to capture the bird for their own use.