Pokemon Unleashes First Eevee & Friends Figure

Since the Pokemon series inception in the original Gameboy games, Pikachu hasn't been the only [...]

Since the Pokemon series inception in the original Gameboy games, Pikachu hasn't been the only cute pocket monster that has burrowed his way into the heads of Pokemon fans across the world. Alongside the adorable electric rodent, Eevee managed to take the anime world by storm thanks not only to its adorable aesthetic, but also its evolutions that allow it to take on the attributes of fire, water, and electricity. With Flareon, Jolteon, and Vapereon originally hitting the scene, and additional evolutions of Espeon, Sylveon, and Embreon joining in later, Eevee cemented its place as one of the most popular monsters of the franchise! Now, Pokemon has released a brand new figure in conjunction with Funko!

The plastic model gives to you two Eevees playing on a green pasture that retails for around $15 USD. "An Afternoon With Eevee & Friends" figures are listed with the following description:

"These adorable Eevee are ready to make new friends and explore the world of Pokémon! Catch a touch of Eevee's magic with the Afternoon with Eevee & Friends Figure by Funko and Pokémon Center while you can—they won't last long!

Two Eevee, one male and one female, are looking forward to seeing their friends! Each month, join Eevee and its Evolutions as they explore the world! Part of the An Afternoon with Eevee & Friends collection by Pokémon Center and Funko"

Pokemon shared the latest update via their Official Twitter Account, showing off the recent release that fans of the franchise can add to their collections now if they're looking to capture Generation One pocket monster in a brand new way outside of the video games:

Pokemon has been hitting a high note as of late, with the release of its Nintendo Switch exclusive game of Pokemon Sword And Shield, as well as the recent season of the anime putting Ash Ketchum into a serious role as the Champion of the Alola League, we're anxious to see what else the popular franchise has in store for the future.

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