Pokemon Journeys Just Sent a Special Pokemon to Space

Pokemon Journeys promised fans it would break boundaries, and it seems that is certainly the case. The anime has a good handful of episodes to its name, and each one has introduced Ash to a wild new situation. Whether it is traveling the globe or meeting huge Pokemon in Galar, this new anime is flipping the script in more ways than one. That is why its most recent episode chose to visit space, and it took a certain Pokemon along with it.

Earlier this week, the most recent episode of Pokemon Journeys went live in Japan. The update was a long-awaited one as it promised to follow Goh and Ash as they checked out a Magikarp Jumping contest. When Goh learned his partner was too weak to flop, he put Marikarp through some intense training, but he took things too far.

When the day of the tournament came, Ash and Goh are thrilled when their entry jumps high about the reigning winner's Magikarp. They are excited until they realize their Pokemon is not coming back to Earth, and that is because Magikarp was made so strong that it jumped into space. Its tail was as powerful as the base rockets which launch actual spacecraft out of the atmosphere, and that is saying something.

[Clip] [Pokémon (2019)] Farewell Magikarp. from r/anime

Unfortunately, the pair did not expect Magikarp to be that strong, and they had no measures in place to pull him back to Earth. This means the Pokemon is floating through space without a tether, and well - you know that is not good. Unless this Magikarp has some legendary ancestors, it is more than likely the Pokemon is dead, but it certainly went out in a blaze of starlit glory.

Did you ever expect to see a Magikarp do this? Which other pocket monsters need to make this kind of interstellar trip? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!