Pokemon Journeys Is About to Check Out a Legendary Raid

Pokemon Journeys has a lot going on this week, and fans are eager to see what is coming next for the show. Netizens have been told a new arc is coming for the series next month, but there is more to do in the meantime. After all, Pokemon Journeys has plans to take Ash on a few more episodic missions, and one of them will pit him against a familiar Legendary bird.

The whole ordeal came to light after a recent synopsis for Pokemon Journeys went live. It was there fans discovered a future episode plans to pit Ash against Zapdos, and he will do so in a raid setting.

The episode is set to go live on October 9 at this moment. Pokemon Journeys will apparently follow Ash and Goh as they run into a raid for Zapdos. There is no information on where or how the raid will take place. But if Ash and Goh are part of it, fans are sure one of the boys will perhaps capture the bird.

pokemon anime zapdos

Of course, such an idea is wild to think about. The Legendary birds are not the most amenable to being captured. The birds live free lives in seclusion, so it is hard to imagine any one person training them. If that were to ever happen, fans would want Ash to be the trainer in control. But if Goh is able to capture Zapdos somehow, well - he has more than justice novice luck.

After all, Goh has caught an impressive number of Pokemon so far. The boy spent his early days capturing any Pokemon he could find, but he has nabbed some impressive ones so far. Reboot, Sobble, and Aerodactyl all call Goh their trainer. And if Zapdos joins that team, it seems Ash will have some competition in the very near future.


What do you think about this teaser? Should Zapdos be captured by anyone or be left alone? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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