Pokemon Journeys Shares Start Date of New Arc

Pokemon Journeys has been on a tear since day one, and the show is ready to tackle its first major arc at last. Up until now, the anime has followed Ash Ketchum and Pikachu following their championship win in Alola. The pair pick up a new friend named Goh and start taking on jobs for a Pokemon Lab, but everything has been fairly episodic. But it seems like that will all change before too long.

After all, Pokemon Journeys has a new arc on the way, and a bit of information about the story has gone live. A set of translations have surfaced for the arc at last, and they appear to include the story's start date.

As shared by Anipoke Fandom on Twitter, the rough translations say this new arc will begin in October. In fact, its first episode will air on October 23 if the report is correct, and the arc will last four weeks. That means this arc will run through the end of November, so fans will be fed well as the holiday season comes closer.

sword shield pokemon journeys

This new arc is a special one for fans to witness as they're eager to dive into a meaty story. Pokemon Journeys has been breaking ground with Ash's trips around the world, but the show is also responsible for bringing the Galar region into the show's lore. The anime will be able to dig into that task next month as the 'Darkest Day' arc will retell the story found in the Pokemon Sword and Shield games. So if you are ready to hate on Chairman Rose and his assistant, you will be able to shortly!

If you need more info on this arc, you are in luck! Pokemon Journeys put out an official description of the story that can be read below:

"The giant-sized Pokemon are rampaging about!? [Ash and Goh] set off to research the strange phenomenon taking place there in the Galar region.

Once they arrive, our heroes come face-to-face with the giant, rampaging Pokemon themselves. It turns out the rampage is being caused by an organization scheming behind the scenes to recreate the 'Black Night,' a great catastrophe that befell the Galar region a long, long time ago!


Once all the mysteries are solved, the revival of this great catastrophe will roar out across the land! Just as it seems though the entire Galar region is being thrown in a whirlwind of chaos, the two legendary heroes awaken from their slumber."

What do you think about this new Pokemon arc? Are you intrigued by its story-centric plot so far? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.